Saskatchewan Postcards
"Strength from many Peoples"

One of only two provinces with no ocean connection; the other being Alberta. Mostly prairie in the south and boreal forest over Shield in the north, Saskatchewan is Canada's most agrarian province.

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Canoeing on the Moose jaw River. Used Souvenir post card publ. by Valentine and Sons Publ. Co. Ltd. 

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Main Street, northward. Moose Jaw. Publ. by the Ware Stationery Co. Posted 1924. Slogan Cancel: Invest in Post Office Savings Bank.  Some postal ink on face. 


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Harvesting grain. Publ. by The Valentine & Sons Publ. Co., Ltd. Used but not posted. 
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Wheat being taken to Elevators, along the Canadian Pacific Railway. Private Post Card publ. by The Pugh Specialty Co. Ltd. Divided back, posted 1913. 
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Watrous Beach, SK. ca1930-40. Used but not posted. Locality identified on back in handwriting. Divided back. 
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Bank of Hamilton, Moose Jaw. ca1909. Publ. by WG MacFarlane Publ. & Importer. Private Post Card posted 1910.
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Moose Jaw. St. John's Church. Divided back, publ. by BC Printing. Posted 1936. 
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General Hospital, Regina. Postcard publ. by The Valentine & Sons Publ. Co. Ltd. Posted 1914. 
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Main Street, Lloydminster, with Alberta on left and Saskatchewan on the right. There are no yellow streaks on the card. It is a chrome card and the glare from the scanner repeats. Card is ca1958, publ. by CAA and never used. 

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Regina, CPR Gardens, publ. by Novelty Manufacturing and Art Printing Co. Divided back. Never used. 

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Waskesiu Lake, Prince Albert National Park. Divided back. Publ. by The Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd., Ottawa. Never used.

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Another Waskesiu Lake, Prince Albert National Park. Divided back. Publ. by The Photogelatine Engraving Co. Ltd. Divided back, never used. 

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The Northern Bank, Regina. Canadian Souvenir Post Card publ. by Warwick Bros. & Rutter, Co. Divided back. Posted 1910. 

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Moose Jaw, threshing. Private Post Card publ. with a divided back by WG MacFarlane. Used but not posted. 

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Court House, Moose Jaw. Canadian Souvenir Postcard publ. by Warwick Bros. & Rutter Ltd. Divided back. Posted 1910. Soft corners. 

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Prince Albert, SK. 10th Street West. 1920. Divided back. Posted 1921. Pop. now over 35,000.

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Harvesting. Black and white print publ. byJH Clarke. Divided back. Used but not posted.

Postcard, Canadian, agriculture, Saskatchewan

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Publ. by Illustrated Post Card Co., Montreal. Divided back. Never used.

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