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CODE : QP61 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Montreal, Guy Street. His Majesty's Theatre.  Published by Valentines & Sons. Divided back. Small tears/cracks on upper and lower borders. Posted.

CODE : QP62 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Little Champlain Street, quebec. Private Post Card publ. by WG MacFarlane Co. Posted ca1908. Cancel unclear.

CODE : QP63 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Print card publ. by Photogelatine Engraving Co., Ottawa. Divided back. Never used. White border around image. Not trimmed.

CODE : QP64 Item Price: US$ 8.00
MacNaughton's Guest House, Ste-Marguerite, Quebec. Real Photo Postcard publ. by Associated Screen News Ltd. Divided back. Never used.

CODE : QP65 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Baker's Hotel, Gaspe. Divided back, publ. from a photo by Mme. E Lesperance. Posted 1908-1910. Postal mark absent.

CODE : QP66 Item Price: US$ 8.00

Notre Dame interior, Montreal. Print on shiny paper to look like photo. Publ. by International Fine Arts Co. Ltd. under the 'Beaux Artes Series'. Divided back; not used.

Mount Royal, Montreal

CODE : QP67 Item Price: US$ 7.00

The Lookoff, Mont Royal, Montreal. Publ. by The Post Card & Greeting Card Co. Ltd. Divided back. Never used.

Montreal, Mont Royal

CODE : QP68 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Montreal, view from Mont Royal. Publ. by The Valentine & Sons Publ. Co. Ltd. for Canada Railway News Co. Ltd. Divided back. Posted 1909. Missing upper right corner tip.

CODE : QP69 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Chateau Frontenac from Laval University, ca 1913. Publ. by Valentine & Sons, divided back. Stamp and postmark removed.

CODE : QP70 Item Price: US$ 7.00

Gaspe, Cap Grand Anse, Madeline River. White-border card. 1950s. Unused. Published by Photogelatine Engraving Ltd., Toronto.

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