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One of the founding provinces, who with Quebec, was originally called the Province of Canada. Now we call Ontario Upper Canada, referring to its position relative to the Saint Lawrence River.

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 Kapuskasing Public School, Kapuskasing is a town in northern Ontario. Real photo postcard ca 1927-40s. Publ. by Richard Blais. Used but never posted. 

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Woodstock. Vansittart Avenue, south. Black and white publ. by EJ Coles & Co. Divided back. Posted 1906. $8.00.

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Toronto. King Street, west from Yonge. Publ. by The Valentine & Sons Publ. Co. Ltd. Divided back. Posted 1913. $8.00.

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Gore Park, Hamilton. Private Post Card publ. by WG MacFarlane. Used, but not poted. 

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Carlton Motel, Chatham. 1960s advertising postcard. Early chrome. Never used. Publ. by The Photogelatine Engrving Co. 
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Alexandra Park, London. Canadian Souvenir Post Card, publ. by Warwick Bros & Rutter. Divided back. Posted 1906.
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Victoria Park, Peterborough. Litho posted 1910. Fine detail. 
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Jack Fish Drying Nets, Lake Superior. Litho publ. by the Canadian Pacific Railway News Department. Diided back; never used. 
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Maple Leaf Mills, Markham. Posted 1909. Barry's Corner, NS. Split-ring cancel. 
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Niagara Falls. Chrome card, posted 1959.
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Dunchurch reel fish.Real Photo exaggerated postcard. Divided back. Posted 1953. Some creases. 
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Government House, Ottawa. Divided back. Private Post Card publ. by WG MacFarlane. Posted 1914. 
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Merrywood, a special-needs camp in eastern Ontario. Real Photo Postcard, ca1927-40s. Divided back, never used. Some tape on face. 
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Heinz canning Factory, Leamington. Publ. by The Photogravure Engraving Co. Ltd.. Divided back, ca1930s-1940s.

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Victoria Avenue, Windsor. Private Post Card posted Greenfield (Queens Co.) NS. 1910. Split-ring cancel. Bent lower right corner. 
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Rosedale Ravine, Toronto. Publ. by The Valentine & Sons Publ. Co. Ltd. Divided back. Posted 1912 from Islington, ON. Split-ring cancel. 

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Erie Beach, Ontario (Niagara region). Divided back. Posted ca1920. 

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Albert College, Belleville. Publ. by photogelatine Engraving Ltd., divided back. Stamped and written but not mailed. 
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Picton, regatta. Publ. by Photogelatine Engraving Co. Posted 1950. 
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White Lake, near Perth. Fish Hatchery. Black and white, divided back. Publ. by PE Co. Never used. 
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Bala Falls, near Muskoka. Black and white, divided back. Never used. 

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Sarnia. The Collegiate Institute. Divided back card publ. by McCrae & Co. Never used. 
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Kawartha Lakes, Stoney Lake. Publ. by The Valentine & Sons Publ. Co. Ltd. Divided back. Posted 1913. 

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Thousand Island Bridge connecting New York with ON. Real photo postcard, divided back. Used but not posted. 1950s. $8.00.

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